2016 DVD Set

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If You Missed Caterpalooza, No Need To Worry.
The DVD’s Are Now Available!

The votes are in and Caterpalooza 2016 was a hit! More than double the attendants that were originally anticipated came together from all corners of the country to Nashville for this spectacular catering event.

Between the networking, incredible enthusiasm, inspiration, and key take-aways, the owner-operators in attendance cemented what we hope to become a yearly conference event!

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After seeing how successful Caterpalooza 2016 was, many of our clients have voiced their regret of not being able to make it, and how they are already planning to come next year.

Still not sure if Caterpalooza is worth all the fuss? Well…we have some good news and some bad news for you.
The good news is that we have the entire conference recorded and available on DVD! You can click here to order the 8 disc DVD set.

Here is what you’ll learn:

DVD 1:
Michael Attias, Opening Remarks and Team Introductions

Rhonda Marko: Finding Your Bliss
Rhonda Marko, CEO of Destination Nashville, kicked off the conference by explaining how she has developed and implemented a formula and smart strategy for enjoying her business rather than becoming overwhelmed by it. This was one of the crowd favorites!

DVD 2:
Michael Rosman: The Winning Formula for Capturing Corporate Drop-off Business: Persistence, Commitment, Patience
In this presentation, the CEO of The Corporate Caterer, Michael Rosman, takes you through the process of finding new prospects, qualifying them and converting them into repeat clients. Sample scripts and phone calls are also shared.

Gigi Butler: Ingredients For Sweet Success
Owner and Creator of Gigi’s Cupcakes, Gigi Butler’s story is one of the most inspirational that you will hear throughout this conference. Her story of starting with nothing and building an empire with 100+ locations will inspire you to chase your dreams and make them a reality.

DVD 3:
Mark Rogers: How To Grow Your Catering Sales 133% In 36 Months
In this presentation by longtime client and owner of Smoke and Spice, Mark Rogers, you’ll hear how he took his drop-off catering business from almost nothing to more than $28,000 per month and still growing. Mark shares stories of the fun, the pain and the gain experienced in his company while growing his drop-off catering division.

Meredith Dillard: RCS Catering Software Updates
Call her “The Software Guru”. During this session, Meredith Dillard, Director of Operations for RCS Catering Software, will be going over some productivity hacks to help you get more out of RCS as well as features that our most successful clients use in their artillery to operate most efficiently.

DVD 4:
Michael Attias: RCS New Delivery Module
During this session, Michael shows you the advantages to having a sleek, professional delivery portal that not only keeps your drivers accountable, but builds confidence in your clients that are awaiting their order.

Chris Weinberg: Staying In Your Highest Productivity Zone
In this eye opening session, Chris Weinberg, a successful personal and business coach, points out the “Time Alligators” we all have that keep us from being truly productive. Listen in as he shows you how to use your time effectively to achieve maximum fulfillment professionally and personally.

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DVD 5:
Michael Rosman: 10 Essential Elements For Your Corporate Drop-off Division
To improve your existing corporate drop-off operation, watch this session where Michael will help you learn strategy and gain insight in menu development, pricing structure, packaging choices, delivery options, operational policies, and information resources.

Frank D’Antona: Ideas From The Trenches
Hear from our longtime client, and good friend, Frank D’Antona as he walks you through a day in the life of running a highly efficient catering operation. You are guaranteed to walk away with ideas you can go to work and apply immediately.

DVD 6:
Michael Attias: How To Use A Sales Tempo To Skyrocket Your Catering Sales
We all want new clients, right? In this session Michael shows you an easy multi-step, multi-touch, sales sequence to get you in front of catering decision makers ready to become lifelong catering clients.

Jillian Davis: Secrets To Killer Catering Websites, Auto-Pilot 5 Star Reviews, and High Search Engine Rankings
Does your “dating profile” have what it takes to impress your prospects and clients? In this session, Jillian Davis, Marketing Director of RCS Catering Software, relates restaurant and catering websites to online dating with real world examples.

DVD 7:
Michael Attias: Using LinkedIn To Generate More Catering Sales
LinkedIn is not just a social media tool. In this session, Michael shows everyone the powers that LinkedIn holds and how you can harness them to gain more qualified prospects for your catering business.

DVD 8:
Michael Attias: The Art & Science of Having A Competition Proof Catering Business
If you can only watch one session from Caterpalooza, this is the one! In this real time demonstration, Michael shows the work of 3 actual companies that catered lunch to the event and the small but powerful changes you can make to stand out against the competition!

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As previously mentioned, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that the videographer was not up to standards with what we had hoped. The editing of the final product was not what we had hoped, however, the information and content is still exactly what you would get if you were there!

That being said…MORE GOOD NEWS!

Instead of getting into a heated debate with the videographer about what is already done, I thought why not turn this into an opportunity for you to experience Caterpalooza 2016 for less than the ticket price of the conference itself?!

This 8 Disc DVD set was originally going to sell for $599, however since we aren’t satisfied with the final product, we are offering this 2 day recorded conference for just $299. That’s a 50% discount! Just click here to order.

The requests for this recorded version have been overwhelming and we have only ordered a set amount. Unless you can afford to wait for Caterpalooza 2017 to infuse these lessons and more into your business, you need to go to and claim your 8 disc DVD set today for just $299!

If you have any questions, or are interested in learning more about what you will be receiving, please call 888-997-4775.