Speakers - Jillan Davis
Jillian Davis has always been fascinated by marketing, advertisement, and the freedom of creativity that comes with both fields. After obtaining her B.B.A in Marketing from Middle Tennessee State University, Jillian eventually found her professional home at RCS Catering Software.

Before joining RCS in 2013, Jillian spent 7 years in Luxury Retail Management. Her focus throughout this time was not only on marketing and visual concepts, but also on operational excellence. She spent a large part of her career traveling to manage other teams, learn new strategies and build solutions to common problems.

This knowledge and experience has helped Jillian become an insightful and objective source for her clients. She offers guidance with tools to help RCS clients succeed, while simultaneously building strong relationships with them to ensure a satisfactory experience with the business.

As the Director of Marketing at RCS Catering Software, Jillian not only advises clients with things like Professional Design Work, Search Engine Optimization, and Lead Generation, but she also gets involved with internal business matters as well. She writes copy for promotional activities, attends seminar planning and budget meetings, as well as maintains constant awareness of functions that can be better improved or made more efficient for RCS and their clients.